Captivated and Cradled

Author’s Note: Inspired from the daily prompt given by the ever-supportive The Daily Post: Captivating

Day 1099. Madagascar

“So what was the name of the island?”

“It actually reminded me of you. It’s called Nosy Be.”

“And just for that crack, you are not getting any dinner tonight.”

“Daddy, daddy! Tell me about the animals! Did you meet Alex and Marty and Gloria and Melman?!”

“No sweetie, I couldn’t meet all of them. But I did see Alex the giraffe…”

“Melman is the giraffe…”

“Oops! Anyway, I was just passing through the jungle, on the way to the beach. Want to hear about the colourful fishies?”

“Yes, Daddy!”

“Well, from a distance, the water is the most beautiful blue that I have ever seen. You know, the blue which reminds you of skies and sapphires. Get into the water, and you can see right through it to the bottom! I saw pink and red and blue and green fishies nibbling at my legs!”

“How was the hotel? I hope it wasn’t inundated with mosquitoes like the one in Kenya…”

“No, I got a huge beach villa, just for myself and Dan, the new photographer. We didn’t enjoy it much though, had to work a ton. But I did manage to catch some of the sunsets. Once the sun began its descent, the entire sky turned into this light pink, which I only ever saw in the inner folds of the most pristine seashells. Once the yellow orb touched the horizon, the water was a spotless mirror, reflecting it back into the skies and to mere mortals.”


“Daddy, did you meet any little girls like me there?”

“Yes, baby! We went to a village school and took lots of photos. They were in the middle of their English lesson. Look, they even wrote me a card!”

“I hope you did not do any of those crazy water sports. Remember your shoulder…”

“Nah, I got Dan to do the stunts, and took first-hand accounts from him for the article. I did try scuba diving for the fishies though.”

“Daddy, what food did you eat? Did you get macaroni and cheese?”

“No honey, I ate chicken and vegetables and fish and….”

“You… You ate the fishies??”

“Amazing, and that brings an end to story time. Go write your article while I put your traumatized daughter to sleep.”

Day 1245: Kyrgyzstan

“From beaches to craggy mountains. Must be quite a step down.”

“You can giggle now, but I’ll have the last laugh when I describe the majestic views of the mountains, and the beauty of the emerald lakes, set right in the middle of meadows and mountains.”

“Mr Travel Writer has his alliterations down pat…”

“Daddy, Daddy! Did you meet any llamas?”

“Wrong country, baby. I met many camels though. They even helped me go up the mountains!”

“Yes because your daddy is a middle-aged man, who refuses to accept a desk job, but comes home with bruises and aches from his ‘escapades’…”

“Excuse me. Midlife crises have no place in the middle of story time. Especially when I am describing fields of daffodils which can put even Wordsworth’s writing abilities to shame.”

“Daddy, did you camp in the mountains?”

“Yes I did, sweetheart! I was in this special tent called a yurt. I stuck my head out in the middle of the night, and I saw so many stars. I even saw our special star family!”

“The one with you and me and Mamma and Scooby?”

“That’s right, baby girl! As soon as I saw it, I felt like I was right back at home!”

“Did you get any souvenirs? I really could use some more fridge magnets; the one inch left at the bottom is feeling rather lonely.”

“There was only food to buy at Lake Song Kol. But oh, Anna, the lake! It was so many beautiful shades of blue all at once. Turquoise, lavender, Byzantine blue, indigo, sky blue, periwinkle blue. I just hope the pictures do justice to the spectrum I plan to describe.”

“Just how remote was this place?”

“Oh, we only had goat herds to keep us company. They were so friendly though. They shared their vodka and chocolate with us, and regaled us with stories about the lake and its history. Apparently, there is this myth about a lake monster!”

“A monster!! Did it eat little girls, Daddy?”

“Oh sweetie, of course not. Nothing eats little girls. You know why, Ella?”

“Why, Daddy?”

“Because they have their Daddies to protect them!”

Day 1335: Brazil

“You know that she is not going to sleep tonight, right? It’s like she is on half a kilo of plain sugar.”

“Daddy, daddy, daddy! What did you see in the rainforest? Did you see monkeys and tigers and lions, and birds and..?

“Whoa, slow down, Ella! And stop jumping on the bed, you’ll fall down!”

“Tell me, tell me, tell me!”

“Okay baby, first come sit with me. There you go! So we landed at the edge of the rainforest on our helicopter and soon as I stepped out, the air was so heavy! I looked up into the trees and guess what I saw?

“A monkey!!!”

“That’s right! And not just one, three of them! Apparently, they are called howler monkeys and as soon as they saw us, they started howling so loudly…”

“Did you see jaguars and tigers and lions…?”

“I did see a jaguar. It was sitting way up in a tree and was eyeing us, like we were meat. We just clicked the picture and ran the hell away from there.”


“Sorry. Anyway, you’ll be happy with this trip. All we did was canoe around on the rivers, laze around on hammocks and go animal spotting. No crazy treks or sporting events…”

“Daddy, Daddy, Daddy! What birdies did you see?”

“So many! I saw toucans and macaws and the wildest of parrots. So many more which Joel, the animal expert will mention in the article. Remember your picture book with Perry, the Toucan?”

“Yes! He had a yellow beak and he was friends with Harry, the spider monkey!”

“We saw him too! He was almost dancing from one branch to another and giving us cheeky smiles!”

“No descriptions about the lush green forests and meandering rivers and rustic tree houses through which birds came a-calling?”

“I would, if this daughter of mine gives me breathing room…”

“That’s all for today, Ella. Daddy will tell you more stories tomorrow. Nighty-night time!”

“Don’t you miss it when you are home?”


“The adventure, the pristine blue lakes, the majestic mountains, the sunny beaches….”

“Okay, you better leave the metaphors to the experts.”

“You know what I mean!”

“Just kidding. Actually, no. I never miss it when I’m back home. Emerald lakes, untouched beaches, meandering rivers are all good for captivation. But coming home is what makes the enchantment even more wondrous.”




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